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Martin Guillet, Director

Our Director, Martin Guillet is certified as a personal trainer with AFAA and ACSM. He is the Associate Director of Recreation in charge of Fitness and Personal Training for 10 years with LIU Post (formerly CW Post). He is also the strength and speed coach for many of their athletic teams and athletes. Over the last 10 years he has coached athletes from Women’s Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Softball, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football and Men’s Lacrosse. Martin has worked with over 45 NCAA All Americans (16 for multiple seasons), 3 National Champion teams and 13 Players of the Year at their position.

For many years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Martin did as many other Strength Coaches do and gave team programs out seasonally. Every player had the same lift. He noticed that not everyone was showing the same improvements. While all got stronger, not all of them saw a difference as players. He decided to start individualizing everything for the athletes. The advances started to improve dramatically. It has become the basis for our training style.

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Martin has a contagious work ethic and insists that he gets your best effort every meeting I began my college career as someone who undervalued the benefits of strength training, but after one session with Martin, my opinion completely changed. Martin has a contagious work ethic and insists that he gets your best effort every meeting. He creates programs unique to each athlete, allowing for optimal efficiency and complete performance from everyone he works with.  Each workout is more challenging than the last and Martin's motivating personality helps give you the extra nudge when you need it! I credit a great portion of my playing success to the time I spent working with Martin. He was dedicated in helping me achieve my goals and for that, I will be forever grateful!
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Speed Work

There are many things that can cause a lack of speed and/ or agility, but it is addressing each individual’s weakness that will produce the greatest results. After we diagnosis the issue, we then teach you the drills and progressions in which it can be translated through their play. Here are some examples of movements we will incorporate to help you reach your full potential:

I truly believe I took my game to the next level because of Martin. ... within a few short months Martin's vigorous lifts and workouts helped me gain speed and strength.  I truly believe I took my game to the next level because of him.  Sometimes I did not always like him, but that is something he takes pride in.  It's comforting to know that everything he puts us through, even though we may not enjoy it, is helping us to reach our potential as athletes. He cares so much about the wellness of our team and the clients he works with and that is something that is essential in working with a trainer.
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Team Trainings

Boot Camps or difficult team trainings have become very popular for testing and building team solidarity. They are designed to test both mental and physical capabilities for teams. We often encourage teamwork and leadership within the trainings. These trainings are built to improve what you need most. We will focus on whatever is deemed as your emphasis.

Team trainings require a week’s prior notice and a preliminary visit to review what might be available in your location for use. The number of people participating, and the long and short term goals of the visit will need to be ready by then.

Teams often struggle because they do not realize how each individual’s strengths can better the team. It is just as likely the team can help each other hide some of their weaknesses. These trainings are designed to help teams make these realizations and bond in their belief in each other.

Martin is the key component to my increase in fitness. Every session with him is challenging in a different way. The time that I have worked with Martin has been very rewarding and I feel that he is the key component to my increase in fitness. Every session with Martin is challenging in a different way. We’ve worked on agility, speed and strength together and I feel that I’ve improved in each category. Martin is extremely motivating and encouraging. While he doesn’t sugar coat much, he always has a clear plan of what needs to improve and how he will get me there.
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